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Rollercoaster Record Prices


Our own label products are generally priced as follows, but we may make special offers from time to time:

RRC 7" 45 rpm singles   6.00
RCEP  45 rpm EPs   6.00
RCCT 10" 78 rpm singles 12.00
ROLL 10" & 12" 33 rpm albums   12.00
RECD 5" CD EPs   5.00
RCCD 5" CD albums 12.00

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If you are in the UK, prices of our products in the shops should be fairly standard, around twelve or thirteen pounds for a CD. 

If possible, support your local independent dealer, generally these small stores will give you better service and better prices than the multiples.  If you have a problem obtaining our products, let us know, and please provide details of any difficulties or rip-off pricing that you encounter.

Don't pay more than 12.99 for a Rollercoaster CD!




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