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Our Data Base has Over 30000 titles on vinyl.

Rollercoaster Records Prices


Our own label products are priced as follows:

RRC 7" 45 rpm singles   3.00
RCEP  45 rpm EPs   4.00
RCCT 10" 78 rpm singles 10.00
ROLL 10" & 12" 33 rpm albums   9.00
RECD 5" CD EPs   5.00
RCCD 5" CD albums 12.00

Shipping & Returns

Conditions of Use


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If you are in the UK, prices of our products in the shops should be fairly standard, around twelve or thirteen pounds for a CD.  These prices are fairly general in all but the largest stores; HMV for example, often list our CDs at fifteen or sixteen pounds and sticker them as 'special imports'.  This has more to do with our refusal to be bullied by larger stores into giving huge discounts, sale or return terms and other incentives than with customer service. 

If possible, support your local independent dealer, generally these small stores will give you better service and better prices than the multiples.  In the name of 'service', WH Smith stores were recently told to stop taking special orders for our products - until then they were one of the few multiples willing to go to any amount of trouble to obtain specialist product for their customers.  If you have a problem obtaining our products, let us know, and please provide details of any difficulties or rip-off pricing that you encounter.
Don't pay more than 12.99 for a Rollercoaster CD!


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