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Gene Vincent and others - A Piece At A Time - A Tribute To Gene
Gene Vincent and others - A Piece At A Time - A Tribute To Gene
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2012 Catalogue
Various Artists Calypso 1938-1940: BCD16623

1: Hold Your Hand Madam Khan CODALLO'S TOP HATTERS ORCH. 2: Bastardy 3: Ida, Ida Let Me Know 4: The History Of Man 5: Sunny Grenada HARMONY KINGS' ORCH. 6: Anything For Love 7: Don't Touch Me 8: Jack's Broth 9: Madam Khan CARESSER 10: The More They Try To Do Me Bad 11: I Want To Build A Bungalow CODALLO'S TOP HATTERS ORCH. 12: Excursion To Granada LION 13: Ba Boo La La LION 14: I Don't Want No Bungalow ATILLA THE HUN 15: Tres Bemoles CYRIL MONROSE STRING ORCH. 16: Commission's Report ATILLA THE HUN 17: Joe Louis CARESSER 18: Ruby Canera 19: I Am Going To Buy A Bungalow LION 20: Emmalene 21: Seven Skeletons Found In The Yard LORD EXECUTOR 22: My Troubles With Dorothy 23: Clear The Way When The Bamboo Play CARESSER 24: Me And My Neighbour Don't Agree COGGINS, Joe 25: Will Dispute COGGINS, Joe & ZEDA 26: Shout All Guiana SCOTT, Ralph Fitz 27: Why I Killed Winifred Various - History - Calypso 1938-1940 (10-CD) Medium 2 1: Li'l, Li'l Gal HARMONY KINGS' ORCH. 2: The Orphan Children LORD EXECUTOR 3: Rubina CARESSER 4: Back To Grenada HARMONY KINGS' ORCH. 5: The Lajebeless Woman LORD EXECUTOR 6: Theresa CARESSER 7: Show Me What You Could Do COGGINS, Joe 8: The Bushwoman Come To Town SCOTT, Ralph Fitz 9: Lillian CARESSER 10: The Censoring Of Calypso Makes Us Glad LORD EXECUTOR 11: The Bamboo Band BLACK PRINCE 12: Shango CARESSER 13: Deliso ATILLA THE HUN 14: Mr. Nankivell's Speech 15: Cicilia CARESSER 16: Exploiting 17: My Wedding Celebration 18: School Boys' Adventure BLACK PRINCE 19: The Banning Of Records ATILLA THE HUN 20: West Indian Rhythm 21: The Governor's Resignation 22: The Horrors Of War 23: Victoria CYRIL MONROSE STRING ORCH. 24: Jimpy's Ingratitude ATILLA THE HUN 25: Not Me With Matrimony 26: The League Of Nations LORD EXECUTOR 27: Togabo's Scandal Various - History - Calypso 1938-1940 (10-CD) Medium 3 1: Captain, Put Me Ashore ZEDA 2: Give Me Back My Ring COGGINGS, Joe 3: Ancient Carnival LION 4: Hojoe 5: Sa Gomes' Emporiums 6: It's A Sin T Tell A Lie 7: Heroes Of Old 8: Vitalogy 9: I Am Happy To Be In Love 10: Poppy Day LORD EXECUTOR 11: We Mourn The Loss Of Sir Murchison Fletcher 12: The Strike ATILLA THE HUN 13: The Normandie 14: We Want Sa Gomes CARNIVAL'S VAGABONDS 15: The Drinker And The Gambler ATILLA THE HUN & LORD EXECUTOR 16: How I Spent My Time At The Hospital LORD EXECUTOR 17: Peter, Go Ring Dem Bells FITZJAMES WILLIAMS' SEXTET 18: What Kind Of Shoes You Going To Wear 19: When Me Body Lay Down In The Grave LION 20: Jonah, Come Out The Wilderness 21: Mamy Mine My Baby For Me 22: Ting A Ling Mi Bangola 23: African War Call 24: Play Mass, Don't Do Me That AL PHILIP IERE SYNCOPATORS 25: Little Gal, Mother Is Calling You 26: Fire Brigade ATILLA THE HUN 27: Archie Boulay 28: They Say I Reign Too Long LORD EXECUTOR Various - History - Calypso 1938-1940 (10-CD) Medium 4 1: Manuelita ATILLA THE HUN 2: The Beautiful Land Of Iere TIGER 3: Civil War In Spain TIGER 4: I Don't Want Them To Stand Me Bail 5: Next Door Neighbour 6: I Want A Radio At Home BLACK PRINCE 7: Where Was Butler? ATILLA THE HUN 8: The Vendor's Song LION 9: Guests Of Rudy Vallee LION & ATILLA THE HUN 10: Why Me Craf Vex With Me (Why Me Neighbour...) EMERY COURNARD SERENADERS 11: Under The British Commander (The Gold In...) 12: Tina LION 13: Tropical Heat CODALLO'S TOP HATTERS ORCH. 14: Barre-A-Oh WILLIAMS, John & BLUE RHYTHM.. 15: Marian 16: Girls Of Today LION 17: Man, Man, Man Peter 18: Nellie Go Out Mi Door LORD EXECUTOR 19: Down The Road TIGER 20: Darling Kimberlin 21: Senorita Panchita 22: Emilia 23: El suspiro del pobre CYRIL MONROSE STRING ORCH. 24: Love Has Done For Me LION 25: Jim Congo Myer ATILLA THE HUN & LORD EXECUTOR 26: Gertrude TIGER 27: Miss Marie's Advice Various - History - Calypso 1938-1940 (10-CD) Medium 5 1: Lopez Contreras CODALLO'S TOP HATTERS ORCH. 2: Tierras Lejanas 3: Linda Vista 4: Mi Vida 5: Old Man GROWLER 6: Only Foreigners 7: Calypso Behind The Wall 8: Too Botheration 9: History Of Woodbrook Vicinity 10: Happy Man JOHNSON, George & RHYTHM KINGS 11: Hitler Demands GROWLER 12: Bosie Darling 13: Trinidad Loves To Play Carnival 14: The Coldness Of The Water 15: In The Morning 16: Police Diplomacy 17: The Diamond Ring For Emmaline 18: Demasbar LORD INVADER 19: Ten Thousand To Bar Me One 20: Buddy Abraham LION 21: They Talk About Nora's Badness LORD EXECUTOR 22: Who Has Done The Most For Humanity 23: Love Me Emily ATILLA THE HUN 24: The Five Year Plan 25: Home Sweet Home CARESSER 26: Time For Man Go Home 27: So Many Women Various - History - Calypso 1938-1940 (10-CD) Medium 6 1: Fare Thee Well CARESSER 2: Woman Headache LION 3: Malicious Neighbors 4: After The Bacchanal LORD BEGINNER 5: Chamberlain Says Peace 6: Christmas Morning The Rum Had Me Yawning 7: Don't Tickle Me Dorothy 8: In The Dew And The Rain GROWLER 9: I Don't Want No Calaloo 10: Mois La Travy CARESSER 11: Peggy Dearie 12: Death LION 13: Bee 14: Sweat Emily 15: Old Woman 16: Hooray Hurrah 17: Fire Girls 18: Elsie Jambie 19: Elsie KING RADIO 20: Old Men Come Back Again 21: Matilda 22: John O'Carr 23: It's The Rhythm We Want 24: The West Indian Sheik ATILLA THE HUN 25: Dem Policeman 26: La Belle Trinidad 27: Inequality Of Life Various - History - Calypso 1938-1940 (10-CD) Medium 7 1: My Life Of Matrimony LORD EXECUTOR 2: No Surrender CARESSER 3: Fire, Fire In Port-on-Spain 4: If The Follow Me They Get Fever 5: Freddo ATILLA THE HUN 6: La Reine Maribone 7: Charming Trinidad LION 8: Gabilan Bombay ATILLA THE HUN 9: Alla Nom (Go Way Nan) LORD EXECUTOR 10: You Better Let Me Go CARESSER 11: I Am Free, Single And Disengaged 12: Don't Stop The Carnival LORD INVADER 13: Sofie Bellah 14: Too Much Sorry And Pain KING RADIO 15: Joe Louis-Schmeling Fight GROWLER 16: Soup In Bottle 17: High Brown 18: Bad Woman Oh LION 19: Blow Wind Blow 20: Kash Kash Kmona 21: Customs Fire 22: The Power Of The Lion 23: Where Is My Sister This Morning 24: Ara Da Da 25: Scorpion ATILLA THE HUN 26: The New Shop Law LORD EXECUTOR 27: My Indian Girl Love 28: Bing Crosby LION 29: Mama I Want It Various - History - Calypso 1938-1940 (10-CD) Medium 8 1: Memories Of Trinidad CABRAL, George 2: Amanja Soqua Me CARESSER 3: Two Bad Men In The World LORD EXECUTOR 4: Gambo Lai Lai Before The Court LORD EXECUTOR 5: Leave Me Alone Dorothy GROWLER 6: Advantageous Young Girls GROWLER 7: Adeline PRETENDER 8: You Felt Me Bundle Before The Dro BLACK PRINCE 9: Hitler LORD ZIEGFIELD 10: My Intention Is To Join The Volunteers LORD INVADER 11: Hitler Demanded Trinidad 12: Romance In The Moonlight 13: Caro At Point Cumana 14: Ochro And Rice 15: The Invasion Of Poland LION 16: Sir Neville Chamberlain LION 17: Hitler's Mistake 18: Freedom And Liberty CARESSER 19: Clementina 20: Not So Carolina 21: Finland ATILLA THE HUN 22: My Impressions Of Demerara KING RADIO 23: Sedition Law 24: Two Sisters Scandal 25: Run Your Run Hitler LORD BEGINNER 26: Hitler's Attitude LION 27: Brambroocoo Dance GORILLA 28: Appetite Various - History - Calypso 1938-1940 (10-CD) Medium 9 1: Let Them Fight For Ten Thousand Years TIGER 2: Lion Oh LION 3: Carnival Revue 4: Run Your Run Hitler SA GOMES RHYTHM BOYS & CAMBUL. 5: Do You Remember Me? CARESSER 6: Second Hand Girls LORD BEGINNER 7: Cocoa Tea Puzzle To Me 8: No No No Miss Angeline TIGER 9: In My Own Native Land 10: When I Marry Dorothy GROWLER 11: Emily KING RADIO 12: Germany Invade Poland 13: Story Of Mr. Paul 14: Leave Me Alone Dorothy MIGHTY DESTROYER 15: Matrimony Becomes A Papyshow 16: Lillian's Slackness LORD ZIEGFIELD 17: Don't Worry With Me 18: Bertha I Feel You GROWLER 19: No, No, Marie 20: Demi Gal 21: Nazi Spy Ring 22: Deliso LION 23: Ah Neighbours Neighbours TIGER 24: Happy Land Of Canaan LION 25: Suzi-Qu LION 26: I Send My Wife To The Market 27: Shango Dance 28: Rada Dance Various - History - Calypso 1938-1940 (10-CD) Medium 10 1: La Vieja Mila QUINTANA, Luis Daniel 2: Carnival Again LORD EXECUTOR 3: Sambo Why You Are Go 4: Patria Preferida QUINTANA, Luis Danie 5: Gambie Law Ray ATILLA THE HUN 6: The Admiral Graf Spee 7: No Wedding Bells For Me 8: Li Li Pierrot Darrie 9: Send Hitler To St. Helena 10: Teener Have Sympathy LORD BEGINNER 11: The Guardian Contest KING RADIO 12: The War 13: Harold Change Your Mind GROWLER 14: Women Diplomacy 15: Orphan Home LION 16: Ellis Nottingham TIGER 17: Policeman YOUNG PRETENDER

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This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 30 November, 2017.
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