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HARRIS, Wee Willie: I Go Ape! The Wee Willie Harris Story CD
HARRIS, Wee Willie: I Go Ape! The Wee Willie Harris Story CD
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2012 Catalogue
Various Artists 'D' Singles Vol. 03: BCD15834DI

1: Breaking Of A Heart PRESLEY, Ray 2: Rose Colored Glasses PRESLEY, Ray 3: Traveling HARDROCK GUNTER & POP CORN P. 4: Jumping Mule HARDROCK GUNTER & POP CORN P. 5: How Can I Forget You BARBER, Joe 6: Some Day You'll Need Me BARBER, Joe 7: Cheating Words HUGHES, Jimmie 8: Something To Remember You By HUGHES, Jimmie 9: Yoshe' NELMS, Johnny 10: Memories For A Pillow NELMS, Johnny 11: Not Even Friends RUSSELL, Bobby & Sadie 12: Shackled RUSSELL, Bobby & Sadie 13: Not Even Friends (undubbed) RUSSELL, Bobby & Sadie 14: Pappy Daily's Breakdown ALLEN, Ward 15: Bread 'n' Butter ALLEN, Ward 16: Haps Waltz KUCERA, Ernie 17: Begging You Polka KUCERA, Ernie 18: Family Bible GRAY, Claude 19: Crying In The Night GRAY, Claude 20: The Chances Are MATHIS, Johnny 21: Come On In MATHIS, Johnny 22: I Don't Care Who Knows WILLIAMS, Lawton 23: Satan's Bell WILLIAMS, Lawton 24: Thunder And Lightning DOUGLAS, Tony 25: The World Keeps Turning DOUGLAS, Tony 26: Blue Yesterday WEBB, Johnny 27: Broken Dreams WEBB, Johnny 28: Wheel Of Love DRAKE, Charles 29: Lost Out Love Affair DRAKE, Charles Various - The 'D' Singles - Vol.3, The Sounds Of Houston Texas (4-CD) Medium 2 1: DJ's Hop LINDSAY, Merl 2: Waterbaby Ride LINDSAY, Merl 3: Turnpike Cruise LINDSAY, Merl 4: Meantime LINDSAY, Merl 5: Shake Hands With The Blues NOACK, Eddie 6: Sunflower Song NOACK, Eddie 7: I'll Come Back MACK, Bill 8: John's Back In Town MACK, Bill 9: Wheels A Humming SIMS, Travis 10: While The Town Is Asleep SIMS, Travis 11: Never Say Bye Bye SAUCEMAN, Carl & GREEN VALLEY 12: Covin Hill Rag SAUCEMAN, Carl & GREEN VALLEY 13: The Window BARBER, Glenn 14: Another You BARBER, Glenn 15: Coo Coo Creek Hop REMINGTON, Herby 16: Chime Out For Love REMINGTON, Herby 17: Caryl Chessman MATHIS, Johnny 18: Tears And Gold MATHIS, Johnny 19: What A Way To Live NELSON, Willie 20: Misery Mansion NELSON, Willie 21: Nite Life (alt) NELSON, Willie 22: Rainy Day Blues (alt) NELSON, Willie 23: Basile Waltz CHOATES, Harry 24: Tondelay CHOATES, Harry Various - The 'D' Singles - Vol.3, The Sounds Of Houston Texas (4-CD) Medium 3 1: Sweet Dreams Of You TAYLOR, William Tell 2: Seeing Is Believing TAYLOR, William Tell 3: The Things I Cannot Change ROSS, Danny 4: Jose ROSS, Danny 5: Waltz Of The Jambalaya DAVIS, Link 6: Big Coonie DAVIS, Link 7: Ghost Of A Broken Heart PRESSLEY, Ray 8: Land Of Lincoln PRESSLEY, Ray 9: I'll Never Be The Same Again PRESSLEY, Ray 10: Jail Break REEVE, Dean & Gene 11: Run Away REEVE, Dean & Gene 12: Dream House For Sale (take 2) REECE, Dean & Gene 13: There's No Justice PAYNE, Leon 14: With Half A Heart PAYNE, Leon 15: And Then I Cried PAYNE, Leon 16: Poor Unlucky Me JONES, Eddie 17: Mansion Of Gold JONES, Eddie 18: Faded Love Affair CONOLY, Johnny 19: Can't Love And Win CONOLY, Johnny 20: Ageing Hearts GOODWIN, Guy 21: Gotta Go Bowling GOODWIN, Guy 22: I'm No Good For You JOHN, Jimmie 23: What You've Learned To Become JOHN, Jimmie 24: What's Wrong BOBBY, SADIE & PINE MOUNTAIN 25: Thanks For The Heartaches BOBBY, SADIE & PINE MOUNTAIN B 26: Leave Alone GRAY, Claude 27: My Party's Over GRAY, Claude 28: Nite Life (take 1) GRAY, Claude 29: Yearning (take 1) GRAY, Claude Various - The 'D' Singles - Vol.3, The Sounds Of Houston Texas (4-CD) Medium 4 1: Most Beautiful BOWMAN, Cecil 2: Whispering Lips BOWMAN, Cecil 3: The Life You've Lived DOYLE, Ted 4: My Baby's Gone Again DOYLE, Ted 5: Let's Try Again PRESSLEY, Ray 6: She Never Loved At All PRESSLEY, Ray 7: Too Weak To Go NOACK, Eddie 8: Firewater Luke NOACK, Eddie 9: A Fools Careless Life DRAKE, Charles 10: She Wore Another Name DRAKE, Charles 11: Blue Side Of Lonesome PAYNE, Leon 12: Things Have Gone To Pieces PAYNE, Leon 13: These Walls MARTIN, Billy 14: Til Next Saturday Night MARTIN, Billy 15: When I Came Thru Town MATHIS, Johnny 16: Only Time Will Tell MATHIS, Johnny 17: You Traveled Too Far WILLIAMS, Perk 18: You're Not My Angel Anymore WILLIAMS, Perk 19: Home Coming In Heaven GRAY, Claude 20: When The Light Shines In The Valley GRAY, Claude 21: I'll Be Dead Lots Longer DOUGLAS, Tony 22: Familiar Heartaches DOUGLAS, Tony 23: You're Walking On Dangerous Ground EVANS, Dean 24: I Miss You So Much I Could Die EVANS, Dean 25: Fishing Tales MORRIS, Fitz 26: Edge Of Paradise MORRIS, Fitz 27: I'm All Alone CRAWFORD, Fred 28: Charlies Gone CRAWFORD, Fred 29: The Life You've Lived NOACK, Eddie 30: You Know What For You Know Who NOACK, Eddie 31: If I'm Dreaming NOACK, Eddie

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