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VARIOUS - Woody Guthrie - The Tribute Concerts CD set
VARIOUS - Woody Guthrie - The Tribute Concerts CD set
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2012 Catalogue
JUST FOR KICKS - The Big Picture Book Vol 2 by Chester Dowling
[JFK HB 4]

This is Chester Dowling's fourth book and it is another treat for fans of his books and the subjects he writes and illustrates. Nothing else mattered in Chester Dowling's early life except rock 'n' roll records and the burning ambition (long-since achieved) to be a ton-up boy. Recalling his life and surroundings from birth in `48, through toys and hospitalised hardship to the fun he had at the local youth clubs, the Teddy-boy clothing, girls and music. One that went on to (and still does) ride British motorbikes and frequent roadside cafes. What do you get for your hard-earned money? The truth from the author for a kick-off! And over 400 pages of pictures of bikes, birds, rockin' guys and gals all accompanied by Chesters jive talk. Early photographs of kids, girls, rockers, Teddy-boys, record labels, cafes, (the majority to date, unpublished) etc. Unbelievably, If something is mentioned in the book - in the majority of cases, a picture sits close by as proof. And a CD with 31 cool tracks to accompany your reading!

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JUST FOR KICKS - The Big Picture Book by Chester Dowling
JUST FOR KICKS - The Big Picture Book by Chester Dowling
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