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Gene Vincent and others - A Piece At A Time - A Tribute To Gene
Gene Vincent and others - A Piece At A Time - A Tribute To Gene
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2012 Catalogue
St PETERS, Crispian: New Tracks On Old Lines CD
[RCCD 6029]

ST. PETERS, Crispian: New Tracks On Old Lines CD .... Previously unavailable on CD, this collection of tracks from Crispian St Peters will delight his many fans, especially those who appreciated his Country recordings made later in his career following several big hits in the UK pop charts. Producer Roger Rounce has assembled the recordings he made with Crispian ... many written by Roger in collaboration with the singer. Ten tracks were previously released on a cassette, the rest are unissued until now. No story typifies the rise and fall of a sixties pop star more than that of Crispian St. Peters. With massive hits, “The Pied Piper” and “You Were On My Mind”, he spent 31 weeks of 1966 in the top 50 at a time when competition for chart placement was fierce from the likes of The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Dusty Springfield and The Walker Brothers, to name but a few. His life became a hectic rush of radio and television appearances and with a string of hits around the world, especially in the USA and Germany, tours of America, Australia, Europe and The Far East followed. It appeared the pop world was at his feet except that, slowly but surely, the fickle finger of fate was beckoning. It is said that any publicity is good publicity but Crispian, a likeable person with a good heart and time for everyone, became the unfortunate exception that proved the rule. To keep himself in the public eye he was advised by his management that, when interviewed, he should make un-flattering comments about other singers and groups. His many tongue-in-cheek remarks such as, “he was more exciting than Tom Jones” and that “he could sing as well as Elvis”, were lapped up by the musical press and, in no time at all, he became known as, “the Cassius Clay of pop”. His fall from grace was as financially crippling as it was sudden. The hits dried up, the fans drifted away, golden promise turned to rusty reality and he was left wondering how it all could have happened. The Jaguar parked outside his Mayfair flat was replaced by a Morris 1000 parked outside his mother’s house. To earn a living he spent the rest of his working life playing pop, rock and the country music he loved in pubs and clubs and his distinctive voice is heard to full effect encompassing brand new material from all three of those genres on this 20 track CD. Whether a life-long fan or somebody discovering his music for the first time, disappointment is surely not an option here as he ranges from plaintive ballad to guitar driven sixties pop or from country duet to a Buddy Holly homage with the consummate ease of a singer completely at home with the music he loves. 1. A Little (2.30) 2. Sailing Deep Water (4.03) 3. Maybe She Won't (3.14) 4. Why Can't Christmas Be Like It Used To Be (3.40) (with Jan Parker) 5. This Bottle I'm Holding Now (3.09) 6. The Pied Piper (2.31) 7. Who Knows The Colour Of The Wind (3.43) 8. Say You're Not Gonna Leave Me (3.00) 9. Country Roads (I Almost Made It Back) (3.23) 10. My Son (3.59) 11. The Nearest She Gets To Love (3.43) 12. Back Where I Started Again (3.46) 13. Masquerade (3.20) 14. Loving You Away (3.11) (with Jan Parker) 15. Summertime Again (3.52) 16. Love Don't Come Easy (3.29) 17. What Happened To Our Love (3.22) 18. Leave Me Believing (3.39) 19. Rave On Buddy (3.05) 20. Don't Cry Mama (5.05)

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