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VARIOUS - Woody Guthrie - The Tribute Concerts CD set
VARIOUS - Woody Guthrie - The Tribute Concerts CD set
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HOLLY, Buddy & The 3 Tunes - OHH! ANNIE- '56 sessions RCCD 3056
[RCCD 3056]

RCCD 3056 - BUDDY HOLLY with The 3 Tunes - “Ohh! Annie!” - the 1956 sessions. This version comes in our award-winning LP style Rolapak packaging and contains two CDs and a 36page booklet. For details of the alternative RCCD3056J which is 2 CDs in a jewel case, also with a 36-page booklet, see that entry in our catalogue. This package covers Buddy Holly's pivotal recordings of 1956 and includes studio masters not only previously unissued but whose very existence will be unknown to even the most committed of fans. There's also more session talk than has previously been made public, together with superior sound quality versions of some tracks that have been released; also included is a detailed 36-page booklet with notes by John Ingman and several previously unpublished photographs. This is, to use an overworked phrase, a 'must' for Buddy Holly fans - and our most exciting release since the Something Special from Buddy Holly LP in 1986. The full track listing is as follows:.......................................... CD1: Love Me; Don't Come Back Knockin'(previously unissued); Don't Come Back Knockin'; Midnight Shift (previously unissued false start); Midnight Shift (previously unissued); Midnight Shift; Blue Days, Black Nights; Baby Won't You Come Out Tonight; I Guess I Was Just A Fool; It's Not My Fault; I'm Gonna Set My Foot Down; I'm Changin' All Those Changes; Rock-A-Bye Rock; Because I Love You; Rock Around With Ollie Vee (fragment); Rock Around With Ollie Vee; I'm Changin'All Those Changes; That'll Be The Day; Girl On My Mind; Ting-A-Ling; Rock Around With Ollie Vee; Modern Don Juan; You Are My One Desire (false start); You Are My One Desire; CD2 Have You Ever Been Lonely; Bo Diddley; Ain't Got No Home; Holly Hop; Gone; Gone; Gone (previously unissued); Have You Ever Been Lonely; Have You Ever Been Lonely; Have You Ever Been Lonely (previously unissued complete); Brown-Eyed Handsome Man; Good Rockin' Tonight; Rip It Up Blue Monday; Honky Tonk; Blue Suede Shoes; Shake, Rattle & Roll; Bo Diddley; Brown-Eyed Handsome Man .................... This CD cpomes in two versions (both have the same CD and booklet content. RCCD 3056 is in ouraward-winning LP style Rolapak, RCCD 3056J is in a standard jewel case .............................................................Nearly all of the twenty-four studio tracks on this CD were sourced from the original quarter-inch tape masters. Because of the age of these tapes and the fact they were not always stored in optimum conditions, we have done our best to restore the sound and technical quality to what it was originally as much as possible. In doing so and in order to present some fragmented recordings for your listening enjoyment, we have also created complete versions of two tracks where they did not exist originally. It is unfortunate that Decca Records did not retain all the out-takes of their sessions in 1956 as these would be fascinating to hear today (they were taped over or removed from the original reels so that the tape could be re-used) Some idea of the quantity of these can be guessed from the take numbers – although 'take 76' in the case of Modern Don Juan can hardly be taken seriously, especially as the 'slate' does not include the master number as most others do. It is frustrating to hear a take number announced and realise that the actual take has been removed. You may also hear the remains of previous recordings which were recorded over but not completely erased - examples of these can be heard very faintly at the ends of a couple of tracks. We are fortunate indeed that a couple of out-takes did survive, probably by accident, and that after all this time Buddy's fans are able to hear them in such great quality. Please bear in mind that most of the nineteen tracks on CD2 were not recorded in professional studios and thus some defects in the sound quality will remain. We have done our best to minimise any faults on these historic recordings. They are, simply, the best and most exciting early recordings of Buddy Holly, featuring for the most part, Buddy on vocals and guitar and Jerry Allison on drums – forget the White Stripes, this is rock'n'roll's finest duo!

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Dieses Produkt haben wir am Donnerstag, 16. August 2007 in unseren Katalog aufgenommen.
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